When A Match Falls Apart

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Surrogacy is a Beautiful gift, and to all parties involved, we are grateful that you have chosen CFC as a family building partner.

With over 300 surrogates currently in our program, we have a strong and loyal sisterhood of women. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire journey while providing personal support for you and your intended parents. We ensure that you are informed, educated, and matched to parents with akin expectations.

As in any relationship, there are ups and downs, personal situations that come up, or with Surrogacy, times when medical issues arise that make the match fall apart- whether from the Surrogates side, or even the Intended parents. When dealing with so many moving pieces and human beings, its hard to be able to fully plan out your journey. Sometimes things happen, and you find your self on rematch.


It is important to know that if this happens during your match, we are here to work along side you, to ensure that you are rematched as quickly as possible.  Whether your match fell apart straight away, or after failed cycles, it is important to book a call with your Case Specialists to set parameters for your Rematch.  Things to ask your Case Specialists/Yourself are as follows:


  1. Have any of your criteria for a Surrogate changed?
  2. What did you learn about yourself in your Match?
  3. How will you approach your journey differently, given what you have gone through?


All of these questions will help you, as you move through the process of being rematched.


Generally the timeframe for a Rematch is 3-6 months, although we have had clients match more quickly, while some end up waiting significantly longer.  The process of Rematching is the same as your initial match, although some clients ask that we don’t show them Surrogate profiles, until the Surrogate has given them the okay, and indicated that they are interested in the Intended parents.  Again, this is up to you, as we want to ensure that we are managing your Rematch in a way that is comfortable for you!

We have found great success in sharing our intended parents pictures and stories on our social media platforms. The reach we have significantly increases the speed in which we have been able to rematch. We know this process is difficult, but if you have questions about your video, bio, profile or sharing on our social media, connect with us!