Looking forward, not back. CFC recounts 2013

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looking back at 2013

looking back at 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, I am doing what I have done each year that I have owned CFC.  I am counting the number of babies born through our program in 2013, looking through our stats, and of course looking back at some of our most memorable cases.  This year however, has been a little different.  This year we fought the legal battle of our history, facing 27 criminal charges, laid in Feb of 2013. I woke up each day this year wondering, would the phone ring, would any clients trust me with this most precious time of their lives, would our current clients decide not to move forward with us.  What a blessing that none of those things happened.  We remained busy, the phone kept ringing- new clients, interested in working with us, and new surrogates, wanting to share their most special gifts with us, and the intended parents that they would soon turn into parents.

I also look back in amazement at the industry professionals who stood by our side- The lawyers, the Fertility clinics, and counselors who help our clients navigate this emotionally, and financially challenging times.

It has been tough to see some of the blog posts, and media reports slamming CFC, and me personally.  I have often wondered where the misinformation has come from.  Whether a report that clients money has been held up, or that we haven’t been caring for our clients, leaving them to fend for themselves, all of which were untrue.

We have decided to spend today as a team, looking at the past year, learning from our successes, as well as looking at ways that we can care for our Surrogates, and intended parents better.  There is always room for improvement, and we are certainly ready to improve upon the service that we provide to everyone.

Thank you to all of our clients, industry professionals, and of course my family who has stuck by my side, as I navigated the most difficult time of my life (so far).