How do we know if Surrogacy is right for us?

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Today I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with an amazing couple who are considering Surrogacy to build their Family!  They had some great questions that I’m sure many of you have.  SO here’s what they asked, and here’s what I answered.


  1. How do we know if Surrogacy is right for us?


Great Question.  Often Surrogacy is a last resort.  Very few clients come to us excited about having to go through this process, and so here is the advice I give when clients are deciding what to do.


  • How does it feel when you think about a woman carrying a child for you? Do you have any tension in your body as you think about it, or are you able to breathe deeply into this decision, with a restful breath. If you are still at the tension stage, I suggest finding a Fertility counselor to connect with, to talk through your feelings.


  • Financially, is this an option you can afford?  Knowing that over 60% of the costs are up front with ivf, legal fees, and screening costs.  Opening up a spreadsheet to keep track of expenses is the second step.



  • Explore other options, and see if you come back to Surrogacy.  Have you thought about adoption?  Have you thought about fostering to adopt, have you considered what being childless would look like for you?  These are all thoughts I suggest you explore.


  • Start Dreaming!   How does your life look as you go through Surrogacy.  Is it bringing up positive feelings for you??  If so, after all of the above, LET’S GET STARTED!!!!