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Canadian Fertility Consultants creates a sacred space for it's clients

Canadian Fertility Consultants creates a sacred space for it’s clients

Canadian Fertility Consultants staff have been working with Sacred Pregnancy, learning everything we can, to support our Surrogates, and Intended parents in the most sacred and beautiful way possible, as they move through the process of Sharing this most intimate, and amazing process together.

Recently, Angie Campeau our Surrogacy Support worker, and Leia Swanberg, our CEO, built a series of programs to support Intended Moms, who currently have Surrogates in place, as well as for our clients who are pregnant after years of Infertility.

The first program we are offering is a Blessingway, a Celebration for our Mammas to be. This will be a free event, offering mentorship, connection, support and encouragement within this women’s circle.

This first event is designed to introduce our clients to the Sacred Pregnancy way. This will be a four hour event, to include an array of opportunities to connect with each other, and themselves as they learn to release fears they may have about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, while they are wrapped in a beautiful sisterhood.

Canadian Fertility Consultants will be developing/offering new programs in 2015, to support all of our clients. The topics to include are:

*Grief and Loss, How to find joy in the journey
*How to celebrate, even in the first trimester
*How to connect with your Surrogate pregnancy
*Pregnancy through Egg Donation
*As a Surrogate, how do I create a Sacred space during Labour/Delivery
*As a Surrogate, how do I connect with a pregnancy that isn’t mine

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For further information on Canadian Fertility Consultants, The Sacred Pregnancy Movement, OR to learn more about Surrogacy, Egg Donation, or pregnancy after Infertility, please contact us at info@fertilityconsultants, OR by calling our office at 613 439 8701

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