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surrogacy in canada

surrogacy in canada


After every Birth I have the pleasure of attending, I want to write about, however am often unsure of how to write about it, in a way that will honour those sacred months, weeks, days, or even moments that lead up to that pivotal moment where maiden becomes mother, and Surrogate is able to complete what started out as a beautiful gesture, and ended as the blessing of a family- completed, and built with Love.

In all Surrogacy journeys there are ups and downs, highs, and lows, however like the birth of our own children, once they are born, all is lost in those precious moments, cries of baby, and tears of joy.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending one of our Surrogate’s births.

Mandi was a week overdue, and of course everyone was on pins and needles waiting for this little one to make her appearance. Yesterday Mandi had another stretch and sweep, an NST, a Baby planning session, and a Biophysical. As the saying goes, make your plans, while God laughs. Well laugh he did!

By 600 pm I was on the phone with a less than comfortable Mandi, who wanted to chat, but wasn’t ready to go anywhere yet. We had our usual pj’s or stay dressed conversation, as we had had many nights in the past week, however this time was different.

By 830 we were on our way to the Hospital to check things out. As we drove, I called the Intended parents to tell them it was time to come, they would likely be meeting their daughter very soon. They were coming from Toronto, and so there was always the risk that they wouldn’t make it, but Mandi was amazing!!! When she was checked things were definitely moving in the right direction- It was go time.

I remember looking at this Surrogate, friend, Sister, and thinking WOW, She’s got this. The Birth was natural, and silent, aside from the panting, soft breathing, and pushing……..this went on for what seemed like hours.
Mom and Dad arrived in time, Mom got ready, into her shirt that Baby would slip nicely under, and it was time.

Mandi started pushing with all her might, as Mom and Dad looked on. Finally sweet baby A made her appearance, quietly, and beautifully in a dimly lit room with all who loved her.

It was a beautiful moment, one that I will cherish for many years to come.

Mandi, you did it!! With the strength of your Surrosisters that have come before you, you did it, and you were amazing!!!!!

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