January – The universal month of new beginnings

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January is the universal month of new beginnings. With the new year, many people set new goals, challenges, and resolutions for the year ahead.

Starting the new year means starting a new chapter, so why not start it off with love and light.

January is the perfect time to become a surrogate to bring a year full of joy, adventure, and happiness to everyone involved.

The gift of life.

Through becoming a surrogate, you will be giving the gift of life to intended parents who are unable to create their family on their own. What could be more beautiful than bringing new life into the world during a new chapter that’s just beginning to unfold.

CFC is here to help you through the process of becoming a surrogate and finding your perfectly matched intended parents.

Becoming a surrogate means helping a family grow. It means helping make a new start full of love and hope. It means forming connections where you never imagined and joining a community of likeminded, caring individuals that will be with you through the whole journey. 

We have over 300 surrogates currently in our program, you will be a part of the strong and loyal sisterhood of women.

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire journey while providing personal support for you and your intended parents.

We ensure that you are informed, educated, and matched to parents with akin expectations.

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