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Intended parents and Surrogates receiving consultation on Surrogacy in Canada

Canadian Fertility Consultants often have clients ask many questions during the initial consultation process.  I wanted to post some of those questions, so that as you read below, it may answer your questions, or  help you generate questions to ask during your questions.

About CFCs Surrogacy Program

When was your company established?

CFC has been in operation for seven years

How much experience do you have with surrogate parenting?

We have helped 100’s of clients both in Canada, and abroad, build their families through Surrogacy, and/or egg donation

Do you have an office or work from home?

We have a fully staffed office, including a full time French program manager

Can you refer us for other services?

We will refer you to the professionals that will become a part of your team, including lawyer, fertility clinic, as well as counselors to assess all parties

Has a surrogate mother ever changed her mind about relinquishment? If so, for what reason?

In Canada, there has never been a case in which a Surrogate has changed her mind. This is both good/bad news.  The good news is that Canadian mental health professionals, and clinics are doing a good job screening potential carriers. The bad news is that this type of case has never gone to court, and so there is no case law outlining what “would happen” if a Surrogate did change her mind.  We rely on the lawyers we work with to provide clients with sound advice regarding the Legal process.

If we have a question or problem, is someone available to us at all times?

Yes, we have three full time staff, as well as a part time staff member who are available to help you with any questions that you may have. Also from 38 weeks on, I am available 24/7 to help coordinate with the hospital, and lawyer when your surrogate goes into labour.

Is there now a waiting list?

No, currently CFC is the only full service consulting firm in Ontario without a waiting list to get started

Can you provide references?

Absolutely, we are happy to introduce you to other clients- Intended parents, surrogates, or industry professionals who will be able to share their experiences with CFC

Is a brochure and cost sheet available?

Yes, we can send you a cost breakdown, as well as a list of our programs/services

About the Process 

How do you find prospective parents and surrogates?

We rely on word of mouth, social media, as well as referrals from Fertility clinics

Do you require ( as reputable programs do) that the surrogate have had at least one child?

Yes, all Gestational carriers in our program have to have had at least one full term pregnancy, in order to be accepted into our program

For the protection of all parties, do you see to it that everyone receives medical screening (including full disease testing) psychological counseling and legal representation ahead of any procedures?

Absolutely, all parties are medically, and psychologically screened, as well as have a legal agreement in place prior to any protocol being set by the Fertility clinic.

Who decides what tests and/or treatments the surrogate should receive before or during pregnancy? 

During the negotiation of the legal agreement, the details of monitoring, and testing will be clearly laid out in the contract.

Can we get re-matched without any additional costs?

Absolutely, our fees are not tied to matching services, rather the coordination of services, once you have decided to move forward with a surrogate that we have introduced you to

These are just a few of the questions that come up during our initial consultation.  We would be happy to answer any further questions that you may have.  To book a consultation, please contact our office at 613 439 8701 or email us at