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A special thank you to Cindy Wasser and the Team at Hope Springs Fertility Law for being a Gold Sponsor of our Virtual Paint Night Fundraiser in Support of Fertility Matters Canada, for Canadian Infertility Awareness Week.

Whether you are a surrogate mom, an intended parent or an egg donor, it is important for all parties to understand the laws applicable to having a baby through egg donation and surrogacy.  It is equally important that you have a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer on your side at the outset, to guide you throughout the process as well as during the contract process.

Hope Springs Fertility Law™ will create a legal contract which complies with the law and ensures that your rights are protected and your voice heard throughout this amazing journey.

Founder of Hope Springs Fertility Law™: Cindy Wasser

Founder, Cindy Wasser has years of experience guiding surrogates, intended parents and egg donors, and understands the complex laws around the process of surrogacy and egg donation in Canada.  She even helped make some of those laws less complicated!

Prior to becoming a fertility lawyer in 2008, Cindy spent almost 25 years as one of Canada’s top criminal defense lawyers. When she went through the egg donation and surrogacy process herself to become a parent, Cindy became inspired to improve the system and make the pathway to parenthood easier for others.  It is her vision that parenthood through surrogacy should be treated no different than parenthood through birth and she has tirelessly advocated for government reforms acknowledging this.  She is considered a world leader in the area of Canadian fertility law.

Hope Springs Fertility Law™ and CFC

Canadian Fertility Consulting believes that all parties should be protected throughout this absolutely beautiful, though sometimes challenging and painful, journey.

This means that we will refer you to a lawyer to help guide you and ensure your understanding of the required legal documents. These documents will be specifically drafted with your needs in mind and thoroughly reviewed with you to ensure that you know that your rights are protected. With Hope Springs Fertility Law™ and Cindy Wasser in your corner, you know that you will be getting solid legal advice from someone who has been in your shoes and is knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced with the surrogacy laws in Canada!

Contact her today for a complimentary consultation.