Getting Ready to be a Mom or Dad? Here is a Helpful Checklist.

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Becoming a mom or dad is a huge responsibility and whether you are having children through surrogacy or adoption, the feeling is the same. As you plan for parenthood, we have compiled a list of things to get ready so when baby comes you feel a little more prepared! At CFC we talk to a lot of intended parents who are nervous and so we have prepared this list to help along the way!

new parent checklist

Attend a Prenatal Class or New Baby Class, or hire a nurse to come do a private class in your home. Education is power!

Research inducing lactation, milk banks or formula. Remember, no pressure – fed is best!

Talk with your partner about expectations and parenting roles. We suggest couples discuss parenting styles and how you will work on your relationship throughout the pregnancy to ensure that you are rock solid before baby arrives.

Get a good pediatrician. Talk to other parents in your area and begin the process of finding who you want as your child’s medical care provider.

Spend time with other children. To some, being with children comes quite naturally but that is not the case for everyone. Take the opportunity to spend time with other children and infants. This will help you feel more prepared and will enable to find good ways to interact with them.

Be gentle with each other. Remember, not everyone feels totally ready. We want you to prepare and get some things in place but we also want you to know that these overwhelmed feelings you are experiencing are completely normal.

new parent checklist

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