From baby steps to an enduring bond

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Mat, Anroup (holding baby August) and Jeremy met and built a family through an incredible surrogacy journey. We are so honoured to have been part of this beautiful story ❤️

Surrogacy journey a truly fulfilling experience for birth mom and newborn’s two dads

By: Shelley Cook
Posted: 3:00 AM CDT Monday, Jul. 4, 2022


[In September 2019, Anroup Patti saw an Instagram post that would change her life, and the life of a married couple — Mat Arye, a software engineer, and Jeremy Tse, a financial analyst from New York. Arye and Tse had been on a surrogacy journey for nearly four years. The couple, who live in Manhattan, have been together for 10 years and married for five. They have always wanted to be dads. They did a lot of research on adoption and surrogacy, and what would be the best way to add to their family. Ultimately, the pair landed on doing surrogacy in Canada, as Tse is Canadian.

“I really wanted my children so badly. When I was looking at surrogacy and filling out the questionnaire I just kept thinking how difficult it felt for us to have our daughter, and how we were able to do it without any medical intervention really, and how there are so many couples that are unable to do that,” Anroup explained.

“We watched all of the profiles and Mat and Jeremy’s was the last one,” she explained. “I think we were all on the fence when we watched the first two and then we saw Mat and Jeremy’s and we said ‘Yep, that’s them.’ We thought they were so grounded and so authentic, and we just sort of fell in love with them.”]