French Surrogacy – French services now available at Canadian Fertility Consulting

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French Surrogacy – Canadian Fertility Consultants is so excited to announce that French Services are now


French intended parents through surrogacy now have French services available

available for our clients. This year we have had a large number of French speaking clients interested in working with us. We of course love to work with clients from overseas, however have found the language to be somewhat of a barrier.

CFC is now the First Fertility consulting firm in Canada to offer services in French, and we are so excited to help any future French clients build their families.

Over the past few months, we have been interviewing candidates for a new position- French program administrator, and we have the perfect fit!!! Sylvie is a fantastic Mom, who like us, has a passion for family building- like us. We are so glad to have Sylvie as a part of our team- as she is available to work with our French speaking clients, providing them with translation services, as well as day to day management of their Surrogate journey.

Sylvie is very excited to begin working with our current, and future clients, educating them on our programs, services, as well as supporting them through their journey to parenthood.

Our French website, is now up, and running, and will be a great resource for prospective French clients.

We look forward to building relationships with many French family building organizations- providing outreach, and support to those building their families through alternative means.

Please feel free to email Sylvie- with any questions that you may have regarding our French language programs, or services.