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CFC will help you with fertility planning

CFC will help you with fertility planning

 CFC has many services that expand beyond Surrogacy, and Egg donation, including Fertility planning.  What is Fertility Planning???

Fertility Planning is spending time answering questions that will help you look at many factors influencing the way you decide to build, or add to your family. These factors may be financial, religious, timing, as well as other roadblocks that are getting in the way of your path to parenthood.  Here are just a sampling of the questions that we will go through with our clients.

Fertility Plan- Self-assessment

1. Where am I/We in building my fertility plan?

2. What setbacks if any have we suffered, and have we grieved them adequately?

3. Are we parenting out fear of not having any more children, if we have kids?

4. Does my GP know about our Infertility or issues surrounding our not having a family?

5. How long have I/We been working on this plan-and does it feel as though I/We are making progress?

6. Have I/We sought the help of professions?  If so who, and was it helpful?  If not, are you looking for a new team of professionals?

7. Do I/We have a supportive team around me/us- spouse, friends, family? /Do they agree with how I/We are planning to build my family, or our family?  Does that matter?

8. Does my/our faith support my family building plan ( If I have one)?

9. Am I aware of all of the available options to build my family?

10. How do you feel about medical intervention as apposed to a more holistic approach?

11. What are the financial parameters that I/We are working within?  Do I/We have a bottom line?

12. Emotionally are we/ I ready for the possibilities to come?  And what are those possibilities?

–          May not have a biological link to my child

–          May not carry my own child

–          May not end up with a newborn

Do I have a specific timeframe in mind, and is that flexible?

What is playing in your head that is keeping you from moving forward?


If you are interested in booking a Fertility Planning assessment, we would love to book an appointment with you.  Please contact our offices at 613 439 8701 or by emailing us at info@fertilityconsultants.ca