Father`s Day Google Hangout

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STILL is a documentary film project committed to breaking the silence about pregnancy loss and infant death. We came across their facebook page recently and wanted to get this out to as many men as possible. Please forward the information to anyone you know who can benefit from this project and event…

To all the Dads out there, especially those of you who are dreading Father’s Day this weekend, we send you all our love and peace.

The STILL Project are hosting a Fathers Day Google Hangout at 7pm Pacific Time (Friday Night). Please visit their page to grab all the details to the hangout. Watching a Google Hangout is just like watching a youtube video. We will be posting the link on our pages just before the hangout goes live. My husband Sam is hoping to join the panel that is made up of some really wonderful guys including JP from STILL, Paul from Still Standing Magazine, Brent from GAPPS and Sean from Return To Zero. Please share this with anyone that you think it might help. Too often men are left to grieve in silence. Times are changing and we as a community need to shows these wonderful dads that they are supported too.

Many thanks to Carrie and JP for making this special event a reality.