COVID-19 and Fertility Treatments

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The recent news regarding Covid-19, and the recently issued stay-at-home orders issued in Ontario have prompted many great questions, and what is coming out of it has been nothing short of inspiring!

We understand that during 2020, and up until now how been so difficult for many of us, but Covid did not stop surrogacy. In fact, it has inspired so many more people around the world to start down the path of surrogacy to grow their families.

We are so thankful that the recent province-wide lockdown that was implemented by the Ontario Government does not include medical or fertility clinics, or doctor’s offices. This is so important, because surrogacy and fertility appointments, even during Covid, is are essential. We are inspired that our Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers do not have to put their pregnancy plans on hold.

Surrogates are Helpers, we all know that. Many Surrogates are health-care workers as well.  Over the past 9 months, we have seen our Surrogates step up in unimaginable ways, from caring for their Surro babes while their Intended Parents are in quarantine from recently traveling to Canada, to travelling across the country to attend medical screenings, or the embryo transfer appointment. It has been everything to watch. 

This month has been especially trying, as many of our surros are located in Ontario. These women have been called upon to homeschool, like they don’t have jobs, work like they don’t have kids to homeschool, and carry no with surrogacy as tho none of the above is a thing. 

Today more than ever, we are so grateful for the amazing women in our program.  When a global pandemic can’t even get in the way of a Surrogate, love wins.

-Leia Swanberg, CEO and Founder of Canadian Fertility Consulting