CloudRaker – Gold Sponsor

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A special thank you to CloudRaker for being a Gold Sponsor of our Virtual Paint Night Fundraiser in Support of Fertility Matters Canada, for Canadian Infertility Awareness Week.

CloudRaker helps ambitious brands provide Meaningful Commerce™.

As a digital and creative marketing agency, they know that any act of creation starts with an intention, ends with a result, but how you get there can take all kinds of twists and turns. That’s why they’re more than proud to be a sponsor of Fertility Matters and their great initiatives.

“As marketers, we need to be honest about one thing— people don’t want or need more marketing in their lives. They want to be helped, informed, or inspired by brands that they value or that align with their values. That’s why our core belief at CloudRaker is not to just make people want things but instead make things people want.

We help companies generate more meaningful interactions with their customers. By blending truly insightful data with emotional storytelling and user centered design, we deliver technology-based solutions that make sense to the customer.”

Learn more about CloudRaker’s services here, or see examples of their work here.

You can get in touch with them for more information through their website