Why CFC’s Surrogate Sisterhood matters

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If you are reading this, you are likely wondering what I am talking about, A Surrogate Sisterhood???

Our surrogates share their journey with their friends, and family, as they are truly a part of an amazing miracle, Surrogacy.  The tribe of women who come around them as sisters, to support them is what it is all about.

At the end of a Surrogacy, the Parents that we as Surrogates partner with, leave the hospital with a baby/ies, but how do we as Surrogates leave?  Have we been honoured? Has a Sacred space been created for our pregnancy, and birth? Do we know that a tribe of amazing women is waiting to surround us with Love, and Support?  As a CFC Surrogate, that answer is Yes.

CFC works tirelessly to share in this journey with our Sisters, creating a Sacred Space for these remarkable women to grow throughout this amazing life giving process.  We work with Surrogates to ensure that they are honouring their agreement with their Intended parents, while also honouring their bodies, as the pregnancy develops.

Next week Angie Campeau, our Surrogacy support worker, and I will be attending a Sacred Pregnancy retreat to learn more about how we can honour pregnancy, and Birth, not only for our Surrogates, but for the parents they are working with.  We hope to create Sacred Blessingways to encourage Intended Moms through this process of pregnancy and birth.  We will also be creating Intimate, and sacred ways for Intended Dads to participate in this beautiful process.  We are just so grateful to have the opportunity to share in this Sisterhood, as it continues to grow beyond our wildest imaginations.

For more information on CFC’s Surrogate Sisterhood, and the amazing Tribe of women that we journey together with, please contact us by email info@fertilityconsultants.ca OR by phone 613 439 8701.