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Angie Campeau - Surrogate Support Worker Canadian Fertility Consulting

Angie has joined CFC in April 2014 and is the point person for our Surrogates. She gave birth to a surrogate baby in 2012 and brings with her a lot of experience, advice and compassion for our Surrogates. Giving comes as a second nature to her – it is for that reason that Surrogacy was a wonderful stepping stone for her. She lives a bohemian lifestyle and believes that all Surrogates and Intended Parents should be fully supported and honoured in birth.

Angie lives in St Thomas, Ontario and is a proud Mom of three beautiful children ages 8, 8 and 5 months. Her family is blended, making her no stranger to unique ways of making families come to be. She has a passion for helping build families through non-traditional means as she has experienced firsthand how trying and difficult fertility issues can be on a family. Angie looks forward to being able to support our Surrogates and Intended Parents from introduction to post-birth.

Angie Campeau

Surrogacy Support Worker

Canadian Fertility Consulting