The CFC Difference………why do we have so many GREAT Surrogates

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I have wanted to write this post for some time, but really wasn’t sure how to do so, without sounding boastful.  I then realized that it has been my goal since I started CFC to be the BEST!!!  Our Surrogacy program has exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

During the past two years, while we were dealing with the RCMP raid, subsequent charges, and eventual plea, my concern was always the same, What if nobody calls us?  What if Surrogates and Intended parents don’t trust us?  I started to even doubt myself, and the service, care, and commitment that became such an integral part of the Service that we provide.

It wasn’t until the month following the raid, when we were back in the office, that I realized, We were still going to provide that CFC Service that was unparalleled, and that WE WOULD continue to thrive, and grow.  Thrive, and grow is what we did.  Our surrogates stayed true, and loyal to us.  We continued to receive enquiries from interested surrogates, and from their the seed was planted, and we would grow!!!

Over the past 22 months, we have remained the only Surrogacy program in Canada to have available surrogates, and to provide introduction .  Our commitment to our carriers, along with our belief that our job is not to “stack up intended parents”, or to “charge fees, prior to matches”, Our job is to care for these amazing women who will be trusting us to share in this journey with them.

As we have adhered to our guiding principals, our program has blossomed, we have met so many amazing “will be” parents, and “soon to be” surrogates, that our lives have truly been enriched.

As we look forward to 2014, we do so with such pride, and accomplishment, knowing that our program is miles above the rest, as we have Amazing available surrogates, Top referring fertility clinics, as well as Cutting edge Lawyers, ready to support our clients from “will be” to “expectant” parents, and “soon to be”, to “pregnant” surrogates.

Again, we say Thank you to the amazing Surrogates who continue to allow us to share in their journeys with them.  We are truly grateful to these amazing women, and look forward to sharing 2014 with them.