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It’s 3am, and I just hung up the phone with one of Canadian Fertility Consultants surrogates.

After texting a bit, I had to call. I wanted to know more details of her Facebook Post, “He’s here, 8 pounds 2 ounces”.

B’s labour had been going on most of yesterday, and I was watching the updates, unsure of when she’d head to the hospital, but knowing her amazing husband J would get her there (which is always a blessing to know).

It was only this morning that I would get a few more details on the delivery. B sounded so happy, telling me details of the delivery, and sharing just how cute‎ this “little man” was. “He looks like his Dad, she said. Same nose and mouth. “He definitely isn’t mine”. Something I hear from surrogates all the time.

B is waiting for the parents to arrive. She’s gotten in her snuggles, and is watching him sleep. The hospital she’s at left him in her room. B is fine with that. She’s braver than I am. I couldn’t have done that during my surrogacy journeys. I was always afraid i’d bond with the baby.

Again i’m just amazed at B’s strength. She has been an absolute trooper during this pregnancy, including navigating a breech baby, subsequent visits to the chiropractor having the Webster technique performed, and delivering sans medication.

Good job B, and thanks so much for allowing CFC to share in this amazing journey with you…….

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