Canadian Fertility Consultants answers the question, What should we pack for the BIG DAY

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Canadian Fertility Consultants -Packing Tips for the BIG DAY!

Surrogate delivery in hospital

Canadian Fertility Consultants – With your surrogate’s due date just around the corner, and you and your partner preparing for your baby’s arrival, we have compiled a List of items you may want to consider packing for your stay at the Hospital, or birthing centre.

For your Hospital bag

1. The birth plan, prepared with the surrogate and her Midwife/OB

2. Contact numbers of your lawyer, pediatrician, surrogate’s partner if not accompanying her, and any other professionals involved in your care

3. Any hospital or legal paperwork that you or your surrogate have been given by the Hospital Social worker, or your lawyer

4. Cord blood collection kit- if applicable

5. Small gift, or card for your Surrogate

6.Comfy clothes to wear during your stay at the hospital

7. Clothing for baby to wear in hospital

8.Car seat, as hospitals require you to have it inspected by the nurses prior to leaving the hospital

Labour can last for a few days, so we will also suggest that intended parents wear comfy shoes, and clothing, and also bring snacks, and bottles of water.  The hospital will be great about keeping your surrogate nourished, however does not provide snacks/meals for the intended parents.

We look forward to hearing how your delivery goes, and would be happy to accompany you to the delivery, if distance permits.  The delivery of your child/children  is such an exciting day, and we look forward to celebrating this day with you, and your Surrogate.

Also remember that for many Surrogates, it is important that their children are able to come and see the surrogate baby prior to discharge from the hospital.  This is a great way for the surrogate’s children to gain closure to this amazing process that their family has been a part of for the past year, or more.

If you have any questions about what to expect during a Surrogate delivery, please email us at or call our office at 613 439 8701. Canadian Fertility Consultants