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baby after egg donation

baby after egg donation, surrogate mother

Canadian Fertility Consultants – “I am writing this story, as I watch my beautiful daughter sleep.  I never thought I would be a Mother, after 7 failed IUI’s, and 3 failed IVF’s.  It wasn’t until my 40th birthday that it finally hit me.  I will be a Mother, I just don’t know how yet.

It was after I had that “light bulb” moment that I booked an appt with Jan Silverman, and she shared with me about options that I had.  It wasn’t until I had that hour long conversation about options that “I” had, that it all became clear.  This was up to me, and that “I” had control over this situation, something I never had before- control over this. WOW!!!!  What a feeling.  Control over this powerless situation.  It was at that moment that I was able to give up control, and let the process unfold. 

Unfold it did- I was able to select an egg donor, and move forward with an ivf cycle, that was successful the first try.  I am now a Mother- someone I thought I would never be J, all before my 41st Birthday.”  

Jana R.

Thank you CFC!   This  journey has been amazing, and I feel extremely blessed to have taken part in Jane’s life. There are no words to describe the amazing sense of accomplishment I have right now. This has been a truly incredible experience. I am also excited to continue updates the amazing relationship with my Intended Mom as baby “J” grows up. I’m looking forward to another journey together with CFC 🙂


My IF’s and I got together this weekend, and are both so happy with CFC for matching us together.  I thought I’d be a tough match, being a Single Mom of four, and living a little off the beaten path, but Leia reassured me that she would help me to find intended parents who could see past those details, into how dedicated I was to helping them become parents.

Everyone at CFC has been quick to return my calls or emails, and everyone seems so knowledgeable. I know I’m still early in my journey (only being three months pregnant) but so far, so good!