Canadian Fertility Consultants – Bayfield Surrogate Retreat……..An amazing weekend of friendship and Surro Sisterhood!!!

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This past weekend Canadian Fertility Consultants had the immense pleasure of hosting a Surrogate Retreat in beautiful Bayfield, Ontario. We had 10 surrogates attend this weekend full of friendship, and fun.

We often get asked how we support our surrogates, how can we connect with our surrogates, and how can we impart our pregnancy knowledge. These weekends are all about that!!! We invite all of our surrogates to come, and spend time with other Surrogates, learning from each other about pregnancy, and most importantly Surrogacy.

During this weekend, we enjoyed LOTS of food, prepared by all of us, working in teams to create meals that we could enjoy together. Saturday afternoon was spent in Bayfield, window shopping, and of course enjoying an ice cream. Saturday evening, Angie Pruim led us in a blessing way- a spiritual celebration of pregnancy, and birth, including meditation, henna, and creating wisdom boxes for each of the 6 pregnant women, that we would each jot down inspiring notes that each of us would read after our delivery, to inspire of us. It was an amazing celebration of pregnancy, and birth, that we all enjoyed taking part in.

On Sunday we all said goodbye, heading back to our respective cities, renewed, and refreshed, knowing that the time spent together would carry us through not only the amazing times during our pregnancies, but also the difficult times.

This month, we will be hosting a Dessert nights in both Niagara, and Belleville. This will help us keep connection with our Surrogates, as its one of our core values- Connection throughout your journey!!

We look forward to many more opportunities to connect with our surrogates, as they go through their journeys, or complete them, and become mentors for our other surrogates. Our mentor program is such an integral part of our program, as our Surro Gurus have so much to share with our newbies. Our newbies are so excited to have someone to share the ups, and downs of their journey with.

We look forward to hosting many more retreats, and are hopeful that many more surrogates are able to participate, as we are as blessed as our surrogates are, sharing this most special time with them.