Canadian Fertility Consultants – Surrogate connections made at CFC events this weekend

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This weekend Canadian Fertility Consultants hosted three Surrogate connection events, that were very well received by Surrogates in our program. On Saturday night, many of our Surrogates got together in Ottawa to celebrate Surrogate Sisterhood. It was a chance for some of our newbies to learn from our more seasoned surrogates- those who have done two or more surrogacy journeys. It is truly the best way to learn about potential pit falls in relationships, get advice on the legal contracts, and to hear how others coped, when a journey is over, and it’s time to turn the page, onto another chapter of life.

Also on Saturday, a couple of our Alberta girls got together for a dinner in Calgary- One a first time surrogate, not pregnant yet, While the other was nearing the end of her second journey. Again, I heard from the women that they had a great time, and were able to bond over this most amazing journey they were both on.

This morning, on Vancouver Island, the sleepy little town of Parksville was taken over by ou BC surros, who are known to get a little loud and crazy!!! The eleven ladies took over the Tigh Na Mara Seaside resort for a delicious Brunch, and girl time!!! I have heard from many of the women that not only was the food amazing, but meeting the others on the Island going through a Surrogacy was also fantastic!!!

I’m often asked why we host these events, and why CFC values the community of women so highly. It’s simple, connecting is Key!! It is such a blessing to know that you have sisters to go through this journey with. To know that if things start going sideways, you have someone to lean on, and when things are going well, you have someone to celebrate with. Until someone has gone through this journey, it is often difficult to know how you’ll feel, or react, or to lean on those who haven’t been there before. The community that grows among women celebrating Surrogacy, is amazing, and I am so blessed to be a part of it, everyday!