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Canadian fertility Consultants welcome couples from all over the world, to pursue surrogacy in Canada.  International couples make up approximately 20% of Canadian Fertility Consultants program.  We currently have services available in English, French, and Spanish.  Sylvie is our newest team member, and is fluently bilingual, and working with our french clients exclusively.

Canadian fertility Consultants has been assisting people realize their dream of parenthood since 2005.  Currently,  there is no other agency in Canada that has a full time French program manager, as well as a P/T Spanish translator.  Over the past  five years Canadian Fertility Consultants has worked with clients from France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Italy, and Australia.  We have also helped clients ship their frozen embryos to Canada from these nations- which unfortunately isn’t a service available to those seeking Surrogacy services in the United States, due to regulations regarding shipping embryos into the US.

Canada has one of the greatest Social Health Care systems in the world, and it’s for that reason that Canadian Surrogacy has become so popular to those abroad.  The fertility clinics that we refer clients to, in Canada, also have French services available, as well as other languages.  Canada’s multicultural clinics offer services in many languages.

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