Canadian Fertility Consultants suggests Intended parents hire a Surrogacy lawyer

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Canadian Fertility Consultants refers all clients to Surrogacy lawyer

Canadian Fertility Consultants always advises Intended Parents hire a Surrogacy lawyer to give them sound counsel when entering into a Surrogacy arrangement.  The guidance of a surrogacy lawyer will be invaluable. The lawyers for both the intended parents, and surrogate will work to negotiate the specific terms of the Surrogacy contract.

The lawyer for the Surrogate Mother reviews the Surrogate contract and answers questions concerning the legal and financial process. The contract details the obligations and responsibilities of all involved parties to avoid any misinterpretations. It is imperative that the the Surrogacy contract is signed once each individual is satisfied with all the terms and conditions.

Further, Canadian fertility clinics require a legal clearance letter, to ensure that all parties have had independent legal advice prior to proceeding with an ivf cycle. This protects the parties from any feelings of being pressured, as being on medication prior to negotiating the contract can place undue pressure on all parties.

When the Surrogate pregnancy is in it’s 25th week, Canadian Fertility Consultants will refer Intended parents back to a lawyer to  begin the process of obtaining a declaration of parentage which provides guidelines involving the birth, and parentage of the child.  The intended parents lawyer will also right a letter of direction to the hospital that the Surrogate will deliver in, to ensure that the hospital is ready to care for all parties, and will treat the intended parents as the parents of the child, or children.

Each province in Canada has different legal guidelines, and so Canadian fertility Consultants always suggests speaking with a lawyer, or researching the province in which you will be selecting a Surrogate, to ensure that their laws work for your situation.

***For further information on the Legal process of a Surrogacy in Canada, please feel free to call our office at 613 439 8701 or email us at and we will be happy to provide you with a referral to a lawyer who will be able to best answer all of your questions regarding the Legal process.*****