Canadian Fertility Consultants is invited to a Birthday Party

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Canadian Fertility Consultants is invited to a Birthday Party!!

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Fantastic First Birthday Party for one of my client’s son. It was such a blessing to be invited to attend this Family event.

At this party I looked around, and was quickly reminded of why our job as Fertility consultants is so important. The clients were two great Dads, who used an egg donor, and a gestational carrier. CFC’s services were used to coordinate. The Dads were beaming!!. They were so excited to share this special day with all of us, showing off their son- who was walking, running, and of course charming us all.

I often take these moments to reflect on how far we have come- Forty years ago, this would have been unheard of, and yet it still seems that there is a world out there that doesn’t understand that Love is Love. The blessing of becoming a parent shouldn’t be reserved for those who “fit the mold” of what one segment of society thinks it should be, but rather that access to parenthood should be available to those who truly respect what a gift it is to become a parent, whether single, gay, or straight, and that it is our responsibility as a society to support and care for parents in our lives, who have been blessed with children in whatever way, be it through natural conception, assisted reproductive technology, adoption, or co parenting, and that all should be equally embraced and valued.

As a Mom I felt compelled to come home, and talk to my 10 year old Sara, telling her about this party, and the two Dads, just to check her temperature on the whole “two dads” thing, as I wanted to make sure that as a family, we were having the conversations about family building. She shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes, and said of course Mom, that’s your job, helping people have kids- who cares if its two dads, one mom, or whatever……..

I guess it was my deal, not hers. In any event, Im so glad that I was invited to this Birthday party, as it was a fun time, and even more importantly, an opportunity to reflect on what a blessing my job is, everyday!!!

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