How to Choose A Reproductive Clinic

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The following information is provided to help you select a reproductive specialist. Asking questions allows you to make an informed decision when you are choosing your clinic. You can never ask too many questions and it’s always a great idea to be well-informed.

Factors to Consider

There are some important factors to consider when searching for your fertility doctor or service such as:

  • What is their success/pregnancy rates?
  • What are the qualifications and experience of their personnel?
  • What types of patients do they treat?
  • Do they have support services available?
  • What are the costs of working with this clinic?
  • How convenient is working with this clinic? How far from you are they? What do they do to make the distance easier?
  • Are they highly recommended? What is their reputation like?

To further your research, the success rates of reproductive clinics are available at the following links:

It is important to note that these numbers are two to three years old and can sometimes be reported differently by different centers, so these figures should not be the only factor that you consider.

Sample questions you can ask the clinic:

  • What procedures do you offer?
  • How much experience do you have in these procedures and what are your success rates?
  • What are your criteria for seeing patients (e.g. waiting list, age limits, single vs. married, etc.)?
  • What screening tests are required?
  • What is the time commitment?
  • Does the program meet and follow ASRM guidelines?
  • Does the program report its results to the SART Registry and the CDC?
  • Is the program a member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology?
  • How many physicians will be involved in my care?
  • Are your physicians board certified in reproductive endocrinology and in good medical standing?
  • What types of counseling and support services are available?
  • Do you have an outline of the costs of the tests and procedures I may need?
  • What are your available payment options?
  • Is staff accessible to answer questions about treatment, forms, or payment?
  • Do you accept insurance?
  • What are the on-going storage costs of tissues (sperm, eggs, etc.)?

Questions to ask regarding surrogacy:

  • What are your requirements/screening regarding surrogates (Ex. number of pregnancies, number of c-sections, BMI, etc.)?
  •  Are you open to using a protocol that an experienced surrogate has previously used at another clinic?
  • Do you require medical records from previous deliveries? If so, at what point?
  •  Do you require an experienced surrogate to travel to you for screening?
  • Will you accept previous psych assessments?

Please never hesitate to reach out to CFC with questions regarding choosing a clinic. As your consultants, we are happy to help you choose the most ideal clinic for your goals.