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Heather is a CFC Surrogate who will be Blogging about her Surrogacy Journey. Follow along as Heather shares the Highs, and Lows of her Surrogacy journey!

OK so, I’m a terrible blogger (what else is new) but in my defense… It’s been a bit of a wanting game. Have I mentioned I’m not well known for my patience?! It’s true I swear. But some things are worth waiting for and this journey is going to be incredible. So I passed my screening (yay!) And got through all the legal paperwork with my lawyers and the future fathers (intended parents). The clinic sent me my meds (hormones to prepare my body for this pregnancy) and now… Drumroll.. I’m waiting. Actually, everyone is waiting. For me. I finished a round of birth control pills and now I anxiously await the first day of my “cycle”. Hopefully it comes soon so we can get this show on the road. Any tips to make it show up? Plan a hot date? Wear some white pants? Haha essentially all I can do is wait. Hope to have some more updates soon!


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