Canadian Fertility Consultants – GUEST ARTICLE: How a Doula Added to my Surrogacy Experience, by Angie Pruim

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Canadian Fertility Consultants – I approached Angie to write for us on how her surrogacy was made better with her doula at her side. Many surrogates are finding that having a doula involved in their journey is a blessing in disguise and here is Angie’s story as to why.

With my first birth I went in thinking I’d have LOTS of support from my mom and partner and that I’d know everything. Well I was sure wrong. My support team was great but they just agreed with me, and did their best to support me. But I knew something was missing.

So when planning my pregnancy and birth for surrogacy I KNEW I needed to find myself some extra support. Little did I know how much support she would give my IP’s and how much it would enhance our journey.

I went to 42 weeks on the dot. I carried my surrogate baby for a LONG time (or so those 2 extra weeks felt like.) But our midwives ensured us it was totally fine. My Intended Parent’s on the other hand had lots of questions and fears about going past dates. The amazing thing about my doula was that she was there for that. She had an open texting and calling relationship with us both. It put all of our minds at ease knowing we had someone there to reassure us that everything would be ok and she had lots of answers to our questions.

When it came to the birth, I knew I wanted my IP’s involved in the process, but also knew I wouldn’t be able to answer all their questions or support them while dealing with the pains of labour myself. So that’s where my amazing doula stepped in. She made sure they were involved and got to enjoy the whole experience too.

I love that now a year and a bit later I can talk about the birth of my surrogate baby with my doula, she was there to experience it with me in all it’s glory and see how amazing it is to complete a family. And the bond her and I share over it is awesome.

I personally think all surrogates and IP’s should get a doula. It’s great to inform the IP’s and be a support for them. And the post care when IP’s leave with the baby is just icing on the cake for the surrogate.

Written and shared, with permission, by Angie Pruim