Why Canadian Fertility Consulting?

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I was asked yesterday by a client “Why Canadian Fertility Consultants?”

In thinking of an answer it came down to these three points:

Our Team Shares Values and Culture
We care for our clients, whether it means taking a call on a Sunday to troubleshoot travel arrangements, or travelling across the country to attend a birth to celebrate in the most amazing moment of our clients lives. It is our absolute pleasure to take care of the details, whether big or small.

At CFC we only work with industry leaders that share our values- whether they are in the medical, legal, or counseling field.

Our Commitment to Family Building
One thing we know for sure, is that there is no end of the road when it comes to family building.  We will help you develop a strategy and we will ensure that we have covered every avenue in your family building plan. We understand that family building is about “when”, and not “if”.

Our Surrogates
The women we work with are fully engaged in this process. They are committed, compassionate, and caring mothers.  Our surrogates come to us ready to share this journey with our team.  Every day they amaze us with how above and beyond they will go to meet our stringent criteria and the clinics demands.

It is the partnership that we create with our surrogates that allows us to then partner confidently with intended parents to build families in such an amazing and miraculous way.

Thank you for considering CFC to help you build your family,

Leia Swanberg