Canadian Fertility Consultants – A Great turn out for Belleville Surrogate Night out

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Canadian Fertility Consultants is currently hosting events to connect past future, and current Surrogates, and last night was our first of many events that we are hosting for September.

As we arrived at Montana’s in Belleville last night, girls shuffled in, from as far as Whitby to the West, and Kingston to the East. We were ready with name tags for everyone, as many of the girls had only connected on our Facebook group, and so putting a face to the name was tough for some. CFC was expecting 12 girls to show up, although as the table filled up, and another table was added, and then another, we quickly realized we were outgrowing the space provided to us. It ended up that 19 girls showed up, which was fantastic. The more the merrier.

No topic was off limits, as the Surrogates openly spoke about the effects off their journeys on their marriages, sex lives, as well as how it was affecting the relationship with their kids. It was great to be able to have such candid conversations, knowing that our non surrogate friends likely wouldn’t understand that venting is a healthy part of our journey as a surrogate. CFCs surrogates are such a great support to each other, sharing tips on C-section recovery, how to withstand extended periods of bed rest, as well as navigating the relationship with Intended parents.

Many of the girls who attended were in various stages of pregnancy, coming from different communities, married, unmarried, and different walks of life, however the Surrogacy connection is one that breaks down all barriers. Its a raw connection that runs deep, and is a true sisterhood!!

It is always a true blessing to be a part of an event like this, as it renews my faith in why what CFC does for Surrogates. It is so important to provide a supportive space for all of our Gestational carriers. It is through this support that the women in our program leave their journeys feeling empowered and blessed to have been a part of such a beautiful process.