Budgeting Fertility

Budgeting Fertility Costs

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We are often asked what the total cost of surrogacy is, or if there’s a guaranteed or fixed price.

The short answer is no, but it’s absolutely so much more complex than a simple yes or no answer. So how do you budget fertility? While many fertility clinics have begun to offer guaranteed programs, it’s important to remember that it only includes what happens inside of the fertility clinic — the actual medical treatment. That guarantee doesn’t extend to the egg donor, gestational carrier, or even you if you’re carrying the child.

So, what does a guaranteed program at a fertility clinic mean?

It can mean many things, however, it often includes a price 2.5 times the average cost of an IVF cycle, with the trade-off that a live birth is guaranteed. However, doesn’t that sound a bit like casino odds? We think so. Fertility clinics typically have to hire an actuary to ensure that the ‘house’, like in a casino, wins, but luckily as a consumer, you want them to win. Winning means that you are on your way to having a baby in your arms, sooner rather than later!

Budgeting fertility costs is about doing your homework

Talk to HR and see if there are family-building options built into your extended benefits. This could be IVF spending, an HSA (health spending account), or even drug coverage, as medications for IVF can run between $2,000-$8,000, depending on the fertility treatments you are opting for.

Check out any tax credits available to you as many provinces are now providing credits (or in Ontario or Quebec, one free round of IVF) provided you meet the criteria.

Ask your fertility clinic for their statistics based on your specific situation. That way, you will know what your odds are, and if they can’t tell you, well… It may be time to shop around for other clinics. While an absolute is impossible, some basic statistics of success are more than reasonable to provide.

Finally, if fertility treatments are out of reach due to a cash flow issue, check out services like Medicard, or other lenders who specialize in the medical space. They may have just the option you need.

The bottom line is budgeting a fertility journey is hard but please reach out to us for more budgeting information, a recommendation to a fertility clinic, and more regarding fertility and surrogacy!