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It was June 28th at 7:30am when we ventured into the Stratford hospital to be induced.
I went into the triage room and was placed on the monitor and the Doc came in and inserted the Cervadil, I was 3cm and I started contractions right away, nothing major so we decided to head out to buy some slippers for my IP’s. We were in the store and was doing well and then all of a sudden it started, like really started, so I said we’d better head back to our room.
We got back to the hospital and the contractions got worse! Wow I thought, I quickly remembered what labour was like and started to question what I was thinking doing this again!!!
My IP’s were magnificent always making sure I was as comfortable as I could be, bringing me ice, massaging my legs, hands and back,putting cold cloths on my forehead and reassuring me I was doing amazing! I then realized again why I was doing this, these ppl are just the best and I was giving them a baby!!
I just kept imagining that moment when they got to hold their baby and it’s what kept me going!

The doc kept checking me and I was always just 3cm and it was discouraging me! I was getting so tired, the clock kept ticking and the cm’s stayed the same 😭 I used the gas like it was my job, then that wasn’t enough I opted for some morphine……… tick tock, tick tock, the time kept moving and I was always just 3 cm, and the morphine wasn’t doing anything! I was tired as it was 7:30pm now and I was having hard contractions the whole time, the doc decided it was time to break my water, I was terrified because I knew the contractions would only get stronger and I was just so tired already, and I was right, it was like a bull in a china shop the minute he broke it, I kept going with the gas and finally I said i needed more…….the one thing I said I wouldn’t do I was considering, an epidural 💉 really I’m considering this I thought to myself. I asked my IP’s if they were ok with this and if they thought I was weak because I wanted an epidural, they quickly replied “NO we just want you to be comfortable and we wished you’d got it sooner” see they’re the best ever!
As we were waiting for the anesthesiologist I prepared myself, hard contractions the whole time.
I sat up and said to my sister “I need to push” she said don’t you’re only 3cm so I breathed through it and got my epidural, instantly I felt relieved, I could breath, relax a bit and just collect myself.
Little did I know I was going to be faced with a different kind of pain entirely. My sister sat down beside my bed and tears welled up in her eyes, he began “I need to tell you something” her face was red and tears streamed down her face “Tammi died” it was the worst news, Tammi is my best friend and now she’s gone. I cried and the doc and nurses gave me the space and moments I needed to wrap my head around this.

I gathered myself sat up and said let’s do this, the doc came back in and checked me I was 10cm!!!! I went from 3 to 10 in 40 minutes and I was ready to push, I pushed and pushed for about an hour and finally we had a beautiful baby boy at 9:35pm 13 hours later, 7lbs 8oz 20inches and he was perfect, his head was a normal shape he wasn’t really that bloody and he was looking around for his Daddies, bright eyed and bushy tailed!
My one IP lay beside me and the doc put the baby right on him first for some skin to skin time and then it was my other IP’s turn, I was the forth person to hold him and he came out of me, but wouldn’t change a thing!
The tears of joy the immense grins from ear to ear made all that he pain go away and I thought to myself, I’d do it all over again million times to experience that moment again.
For anyone considering surrogacy, it’s so worth it, it’s changed my life for the better.