CFC takes a Road Trip to visit our Surrogates in Alberta

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Surrogates in Alberta will have two Dinners planned- Calgary, and Edmonton

Surrogates in Alberta will have two Dinners planned- Calgary, and Edmonton

This month has been a very busy, and exciting month at CFC so far.  We have had Eight new Surrogates join our family, and have had Six confirmed pregnant.  It is always so great to get this news from our Surrogates, but tough when the news come from Surrogates in other provinces, that we have not yet been able to meet, other than via Facebook, and telephone.

Next week, me and Angie are hitting the road, and heading to Alberta to host Surrogate Dinners, and to meet new Surrogates in our program that we haven’t yet been able to meet.  We both have young babies, and so will be bringing them with us, as we did to our Retreat in BC.  It is so important to me as a business owner that Family comes first, and for that reason, whenever our kids can travel with us, or attend events, we will have them there with us, and Lucky for us, Alberta is going to be one of those times when Babies are Definitely welcome!!

Our trip will start in Edmonton where we will host some information sessions for new surrogates, considering working with CFC.  We will then hold a dinner in both Edmonton, and Calgary for our Surrogates there.  We are hoping to have a turn out of ten surrogates in each location- all in various stages of the process, from pre match, to ready to pop!

It is always a pleasure for us to spend time with our Surrogates, sharing with them any advice we can give about the process, and of course learning from them, how we can support them, given the geographical distance between us.

Alberta has become a destination for our many international clients, as the post birth process is very fast, and our clients are typically home within just a couple of short weeks.  This link explains the differences between each Canadian province, and their post birth process.  You will note that BC, and Alberta are the most progressive provinces, with the fastest turn around time post birth…llen-k-embury/

In March we were in British Columbia where we hosted a weekend retreat with close to twenty women in attendance over the three days. This month we are in Alberta, and are excited to plan/host events in other provinces in the months to come.

Meeting, and sharing time with our Surrogates is such fun for us, and we look forward to coming to a city near you!

For more information on becoming a Surrogate with CFC, please email our Intake worker Angie at Or, by calling our office at 613 439 8701.