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100 Women: The Surrogate’s Club

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Before the article begins, please know that in Canada, surrogates are not paid. If they have the receipts, they can be reimbursed for their expenses related to the pregnancy. Watch the video below to learn more about this surrogate group.

“In Canada, surrogacy is altruistic. Women are not paid to be surrogates. … It is a connection and a commitment, that two parties make in order to create a family.”

Leia Swanberg

Every few months, retreats are held in Canada. This is a safe group for surrogates to meet up, talk about their shared experiences, and form bonds. Sadly, a surrogate group like this one is more important than one may realize. Some surrogates experience negative comments from strangers, and sometimes even their employers don’t support them.

“It’s your body, it’s your choice.”

In the retreats, the surrogates are led in meditation, which is a practice Leia Swanberg finds crucial. Many of the women are busy mothers who do not have time for themselves. Leia also notes that a natural part of being a surrogate is feeling lost. If you’re a surrogate who wants to learn about Sacred Surrogacy and the practices that Leia adores, check out her blog here at Sacred Surrogacy.

The Surrogate group

“I would not do it if I knew I was getting paid for it. That would feel like a job to me, and I want to give someone that gift. I use my body to help people build decks and sheds, and I don’t feel it as any different.” -Genevieve

Everyone has a different reason for becoming a surrogate. However, they all have at least one trait in common – the deep want to help a family grow or start.

“What I get from being a surrogate is the pleasure of being able to give someone something they’ve always wanted.” -Marissa

The Connections

Many surrogates already have families of their own. Janet, who attended the Surrogate’s group, mentions how she has five children and has had her fallopian tubes tied. This means that she cannot have children of her own. However, she can still give birth through surrogacy. Her mission to help as many families as physically possible for her. She was very excited to be a part of her intended parent’s journey and said that “[her] intended parents are from Montreal, they’re two guys, they are absolutely fantastic men, they’re going to make wonderful fathers.”

“I feel like, as a female, it’s empowering that I get to make that decision myself.” -Genevieve

Genevieve also has several children of her own. She chose her intended father based on them both being French. She speaks about how her intended father likes reaching out to her lots, which is a bit too much for her. However, she also realizes, thanks to the Surrogacy Club, that talking to other surrogates about their journey helps immensely.

 “Knowing that I’m not being mean, or selfish, by not wanting to talk to my [intended father] all the time – that has helped me the most knowing that it’s okay that I need that space.” -Genevieve

“You are my hero…Our baby girl is a treasure. A treasure.” -Marissa’s intended parent, Jesús

The relationships

Marissa helped Julio and Jesús achieve their dreams of becoming fathers. They are over the moon with their new little girl and created a close bond with Marissa along the way. She “feels like family” to them. This is the power of surrogacy.

“I’m proud. I’m very proud that I’m able to carry this child for somebody.” -Marissa

To be a surrogate is to be altruistic, courageous and tough. It’s important to honour your body every step of the way and know in your heart that you are changing lives for the better.

“I would like to tell this little one, in the future, that she came into this world thanks to a strong woman with a huge heart who helped us.” -Marissa’s intended parent, Julio

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