The Law: Surrogacy in Canada

Canada provides one of the most favourable legal climates for surrogacy and egg donation arrangements, with clients from around the world coming to Canada.

Surrogacy is Legal

The Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRA)

Surrogacy in Canada is legal, but providing compensation to the surrogate is prohibited under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. A Canadian surrogate can, however, be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses they incur as a result of the pregnancy—this is known as altruistic surrogacy.

Canadian Fertility Consulting works within the legal and legislative framework to provide expert assistance, and to help you navigate the often confusing and contradictory regulations.

To learn more about the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, please visit The Government of Canada website.

Day on the Hill

Lobby to Amend the AHRA

On December 5, 2017, Canadian Fertility Consulting joined Fertility Advisors, Egg Helpers and numerous fertility lawyers, physicians, Canadian surrogates and parents through surrogacy, to lobby on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, to amend the AHRA on decriminalizing the payment of surrogacy and gamete donation in Canada.

For more information on amending the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, please contact