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Surrogacy Creates Loving Families

Becoming a surrogate in Canada is an extraordinary journey that allows you to help create families and bring joy to those who cannot have children on their own. Surrogacy is a selfless act of love and generosity, providing a priceless gift to individuals and couples who dream of having a child.

What is a Surrogate?

A surrogate—also known as a gestation carrier—carries and delivers a child for a someone else. This path to parenthood is crucial for many people, including those facing infertility, same-sex couples, and single individuals longing to become parents. Surrogates make the seemingly impossible possible, turning dreams into reality and changing lives forever.

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Surrogate Qualifications

There are requirements to becoming a surrogate, and each of our gestational carriers must meet the following criteria:

You are between the ages of
21 and 45 years

You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Have given birth to at least one child and have a healthy pregnancy history

You are committed to abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy

You are nicotine-free and live in a smoke-free household

You do not use recreational drugs and no history of drug or alcohol abuse

You are willing to undergo a medical and physiological assessment

You are a healthy weight and have regular monthly menstrual cycles

You are fully committed to the surrogacy process

Our Program Benefits


Surrogates will never be out-of-pocket for any expense. Canadian surrogates receive an average of $25,000+ in reimbursement.


Our program is surrogate-centered: you choose the parents you carry for, how you birth and more. It’s your journey, your way.

Lifelong Bonds

You’ll form deep, meaningful relationships with your intended parents and become a valued member of our community of surrogates.
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The CFC Difference

  • Surrogate-Centered Approach: CFC places surrogates at the heart of the process, ensuring their needs and preferences are prioritized. Your journey is tailored to respect your individual circumstances.
  • Expertise and Experience: Surrogacy can be complex and support is essential. Our experts, along with the 300+ surrogates currently in our program, will guide you while providing community belonging, meaningful connections, and compassionate support.
  • 17+ Years Experience: We have strong relationships with leading fertility and legal professionals worldwide. We work closely with them to ensure you receive the highest medical and legal care and have the necessary resources for a successful and fulfilling surrogacy experience.
  • Sacred Surrogacy: In addition to our supportive community of surrogates, you’ll also receive curated subscription boxes throughout your journey, the opportunity to attend in-person or online retreats, and counselling sessions for necessary support.
  • Postpartum Care: Our support doesn’t end the moment you give birth. CFC provides ongoing support post-birth, including regular check-ins, mental health resources, and referrals to specialists if needed to ensure your well-being during the recovery period.

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The Surrogacy Process

Steps to Becoming a Surrogate with CFC

Who You Can Help

Becoming a surrogate is an extraordinary journey that touches the lives of diverse individuals and couples in profound ways. From those facing the heartache of infertility who long to experience the joy of parenthood, to same-sex couples yearning to create a biological connection with their child, and single parents ready to embrace parenthood solo—surrogates offer hope, love, and the gift of family where it may seem out of reach.

By becoming a surrogate, you can help create a lasting legacy, impacting families for generations to come.

Explore the stories of intended parents seeking a surrogate and become a part of their journey to parenthood.

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Our Family Album

Explore the love and joy made possible by incredible surrogates. See the smiling faces and heartwarming moments of families created by surrogacy.

Our Family Album


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Explore surrogacy in Canada and discover the comprehensive support available for those who choose to become a surrogate mother. In our Canadian surrogacy guide, Canadian Fertility Consulting provides detailed information on the surrogacy process and surrogate qualifications for surrogate mothers in Canada. Discover the many benefits of being a surrogate and embark on a rewarding surrogacy journey with confidence.

Intended parents seeking surrogacy in Canada can connect with caring surrogate mothers who want to help make their dreams of parenthood a reality. Read surrogacy reviews from past surrogates and intended parents of Canadian Fertility Consulting to understand the experiences of this incredible journey. Access a wealth of surrogacy resources, including a user-friendly surrogate expenses app to manage reimbursements efficiently.

Our surrogate-choice matching process ensures compatibility and alignment between surrogate mothers and intended parents. Our Sacred Surrogacy retreats across Canada, are offered so Canadian surrogates can bond, unwind, and find support, while our Sacred Surrogacy subscription boxes bring comfort and joy during the surrogacy journey.

Counselling sessions are available to surrogate mothers to provide emotional support throughout the surrogacy process. Book personal consultation sessions with experienced surrogate mentors to prepare for important events like embryo transfers and birth. Our dedicated case specialists and surrogacy experts are on hand to address any concerns or emergencies, ensuring continuous support.

Postpartum care for surrogate mothers includes ongoing support and mental health resources to aid in recovery. View our surrogate family photo album to see the loving families created through surrogacy in Canada. Start your surrogacy journey today by filling out our surrogacy application and becoming part of our supportive community.

Visit our Surrogate FAQ section for answers to common questions about the surrogacy process. Join our free webinar on becoming a surrogate to gain insights into the process of becoming a surrogate mother. Download our free surrogacy guide for comprehensive information and resources to help you navigate your surrogacy journey.

In Canada, surrogates do not receive payment for their services due to the altruistic nature of the Canada’s surrogacy laws governed by the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. This legislation strictly prohibits commercial surrogacy in Canada, restricting compensation solely to reimbursement for expenses directly related to the surrogacy process. This legal framework aims to make surrogacy as a selfless act of compassion and generosity, where surrogates are motivated by the profound desire to help others create families rather than financial incentives. Emphasizing altruism fosters a supportive environment between surrogates and intended parents, enriching the deeply meaningful journey of surrogacy in Canada.

We support surrogate mothers across all Canadian provinces, including surrogates in Alberta, surrogates in British Columbia, surrogates in Manitoba, surrogates in New Brunswick, surrogates in Newfoundland and Labrador, surrogates in Nova Scotia, surrogates in Ontario, surrogates in Prince Edward Island, surrogates in Quebec, and surrogates in Saskatchewan. Join our surrogate community and make a lasting impact on families.