CFC Visits Europe

It’s been a very exciting month for Canadian Fertility Consulting! Some of our amazing team headed to Europe to attend numerous events. It was amazing to connect with people from all over the world to discuss the incredible journey that is surrogacy. We love being able to meet new people and reconnect with those we already know, through amazing events hosted by some of the industries best.

Our Europe trip began in the UK where San Diego Fertility Center hosted their International Surrogacy Night. CFC CEO, Leia Swanberg, had the pleasure of attending this wonderful event. Leia enjoyed socializing and connecting in person with CFC intended parents whom live in the UK and are using San Diego Fertility Center. Thank you, San Diego, for hosting such a wonderful event.

Next, CFC Case Specialist, Lovely, and Leia headed to France for our three day Intended Parent Event. CFC hosted new and existing intended parents in Paris, Lyon, and Nice. Also, in attendance were Ellen Embury and Rachel West, fertility lawyers from Embury & West LLP, who were able to join us in visiting with clients. It was so nice to spend the evening with all of our amazing clients and friends, we can’t wait to come back!

Leia and CFC Marketing and Communications Manager, Breanne, then flew back to the UK for a wonderful event with Brilliant Beginnings where she discussed the options of surrogacy in Canada. Joining us were Ellen Embury, Cindy Wasser from Hope Springs Fertility Law, Nir Keren from Create Fertility Toronto, and Scott Swanberg from Egg Helpers. This was a very informative evening for all attendees! Thank you so much, Brilliant Beginnings, for the wonderful event.

Men Having Babies (MHB) Conference in Brussels, Belgium was our next Europe event. Breanne and Leia met in Brussels for the two-day conference and expo. We were pleased to display Canadian Fertility Consulting, as well as our sister companies, Sacred Surrogacy and Egg Helpers, during the expo. Leia was pleased to host a discussion on surrogacy in Canada during the conference! Thank you, MHB, for another wonderful conference experience.

Lastly, CFC Case Manager, Robyn, visited Spain for a busy two days. Robyn joined the Interfertility team for a wonderful night of Wine and Tapas in beautiful Madrid. CFC intended parents had the opportunity to connect with other CFC intended parents during this event, as well as visit with their Case Specialist, Robyn. Thank you, Spain, and Interfertility for such a wonderful evening!

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