Intended Parents: Surrogacy After Delivery

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Many clients ask us if it is a good idea to let the surrogate mother hold the baby once it’s born, or not? Will they ‘bond’? Will she want to keep the baby?

We suggest that if the surrogate mother wants to hold the baby, there should be no reason why it wouldn’t be appropriate. For the past nine months she has nurtured and cared for your baby, and of course a bond has developed.  Holding the new baby is a way of completing a journey, not only for the surrogate, but for her family as well.

Going into the matching stage of the process it is vitally important to communicate your wishes around contact and closure at the hospital. This should include discussing whether or not you are comfortable with your surrogate holding your child immediately, or maybe waiting until a few hours or even days after birth.

Surrogacy is a relationship that is built on such an intimate level of trust and it is difficult to imagine how the journey will end.  At CFC, we understand the steps coming before the journey starting are often filled with such emotion and connecting with your surrogate may be difficult at times.

CFC is here to assist you and your surrogate throughout the entire process, ensuring that all parties are encouraged to communicate openly with the other, so that when the big day comes, everyone is happy!