Surrogate Center Overview


Our team of professionals will guide you through the entire journey while providing consistent, personal support for you and your intended parents. Our first goal is to provide you with information about our surrogacy program and to understand your expectations of the surrogacy process. We will carefully match you with intended parents who desire the same experiences you do.

To be a Surrogate:

You must be a parent yourself who have had an easy pregnancy and birth.Between the ages of 21-39.Have a BMI below 30-32.Healthy with regular menstrual cyclesNon-smoker and no recreational drugsNot currently on Depo-Provera; if you currently have an IUD, it must be removed when you register.Willing to undergo a background check (self/spouse).


Support groups available.All medical/expenses paid.Give the ultimate gift!

If you wish to become a surrogate, please fill out the online application.

The surrogacy process is a happy, joyful and rewarding experience that is built on mutual respect, friendship and teamwork. We are excited that you are considering becoming a Surrogate and helping to make dreams come true for Future Parents. We are looking for women who are giving and who have had positive pregnancies and birth experiences. We need Surrogates who are physically and emotionally healthy, who don’t use drugs or smoke and who don’t abuse alcohol.

The most common type of surrogacy is Gestational, where the eggs are harvested from the Intended Mother or an egg donor, are fertilized with the prospective father’s sperm or a sperm donor, and then transferred to the surrogate’s womb.

There are many more aspects to the process of Surrogacy in addition to those outlined above, such as financial reimbursement, health and life insurance, travel and others.

Our role is to oversee all aspects of the process and make sure our surrogates receive what they need. We are here for you through every step of the process.