Future Parents: Donors

Our Egg Donors are women who are creative, bright, giving and well educated. They are motivated by a desire to help couples in their quest for parenthood. Through a careful selection process, Egg Donor candidates are required to provide personal and family history by completing our detailed questionnaire. This information, along with photographs, is provided to Future Parents to help them in making a donor selection.

If you are looking for an Egg Donor, please contact us today to complete a profile and start viewing candidates.

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We pride ourselves on our relationships with our Recipients, Egg Donors, and each clinic we work with. Our staff is dedicated to facilitate the process of selecting an Egg Donor, arranging screenings, securing financial arrangements, coordinating cycles, and finalizing the retrieval. Since we are the most experienced Egg Donor agency in Canada, you can count on us to make sure this experience is one that you will remember fondly!

We will work with you through the application process, answer any questions and make sure you are prepared for this rewarding journey.

  • Facilitated Application
  • Legal Introductions
  • Clinic Selection


Once the application process is complete, you will receive access to our 500+ profiles in a fully searchable database to find the right Egg Donor for you.

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  • Over 50 search options
  • Assisted Search Available


Once you make a selection we will assist through the process, from screening to medical protocol and right to your retrieval day. We ensure there are no surprises and help with the rest of the paperwork.

  • Contract Support
  • Retrieval Support
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