Meet Our Team

We all share one goal: to support you and be your advocate for the most rewarding and joyful surrogacy possible.


Leia Swanberg

Founder & CEO

I started CFC after having gone through two surrogacies and felt left on my own and alone most of the time. I knew there was a more intimate way to experience surrogacy. For the past 10 years, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that industry professionals respect, care and support our clients.


Operations Manager

Becoming a part of the CFC team has allowed me the opportunity to empower women, to share the gift of parenthood with so many whom otherwise would not have the opportunity to be parents. As operations manager I believe in teamwork, vision and diversity. These core values lie in the heart of providing such a rewarding experience.



Finance Manager

Working at CFC is a fulfilling experience. It has inspired me to become a surrogate myself and the opportunity of giving life for another family is the most beautiful thing imaginable!



Case Manager

My job at CFC allows me to be a part of every single clients journey. From the very beginning, to the end when they are holding their sweet little ones. Watching families be created or even expanded allows me to be a small piece in their puzzle to parenthood!



Corporate Trainer & Clinic Liason

Working at CFC has been life changing. From the intended parents and the surrogates themselves who come together in new partnerships and friendships, to the doctors, nurses, lawyers and other industry professionals—I get to join together with all these phenomenal people every day, working together making dreams come true.



Intended Parent Admissions Specialist & CFC Diversity Liaison

Working at CFC has been life-changing for me! After twenty years in banking, I find this to be far more fulfilling. My own surrogacy journeys had such an impact on my life, and it’s so rewarding to be helping future parents on a daily basis.



Surrogate Intake Specialist



Graphic Designer

Being a part of CFC’s team has been fulfilling in so many ways. I’m a passionate advocate for equality and witnessing the many types of families that have been created through surrogacy and egg donation gives my work purpose. It’s rewarding to be a small part of how CFC changes lives, one small family at a time.



Surrogate Coordinator

Being part of the CFC team has been incredible. I’m blessed to work with so many amazingly strong and inspirational women who show up every day to help make someone’s dream of having a family come true. Taking care of our surrogates means everything to me. Being able to help guide them and to be a cheerleader on the sidelines as they go through this life changing journey is truly an honor.



Finance Specialist

Working at CFC allows me to use my life’s work experience to do something magical… helping create happy families is one of the biggest most important things in the world.



Finance Specialist

Taking care of our surrogates means helping them understand the financial side of their journey, and helping them advocate for themselves when they need to!



Marketing Mananger

Helping our clients find the woman who will change their lives forever is so inspiring to me! I work with our clients daily to share their photos, videos and stories of why they are searching for a surrogate. Although each one of our clients took a different path to surrogacy, they all share such a strong determination and will to have a child.



Administrative Case Coordinator

My job at CFC allows me to be a part of amazing journeys to parenthood. I am able to be a small part of helping grow families. I myself have been a surrogate and I now get a chance to help others realize those same dreams.



Finance Specialist

Working at CFC means I get to play a small part in creating families!



Travel Specialist



Administrative French Coordinator

My job at CFC allows me to use my skills to make people’s dreams come true. I love that I can come to work every day and work from my heart, supporting and supported by amazing people. It is amazing to be part of a company that has values I can truly stand behind!